Airtel Eeclusive Free GPRS : Proxifier Trick

Step By Step Procedure Of Airtel Free GPRS Proxifier Trick

Step 1:-

Insalling nokia pc suite on ur pc/laptop.

Don't have pc suite.
Install from the following link

Step 2 :-

Connect phone with your usb cable. and then this will show in your PC/laptop thru PC suite.

Step 3 :-

Now open connect to internet shown in PC suite menu.

Step 4 :-

In Connect to The Internet Click on settings then

Then click on manually access point then write there only then next next and finish settings.

Step 5 :-

Connect to the Internet. It will connect easily.

Then here nokia pc suite configuration is completed.

Step 6:-

Now configure proxifier.

download proxifier From the link easily

Download link:

Ist link

2nd link


Now extract and run setup easily.

Patch the given extra proxifier.exe to your destination folder where you have install proxifier and overwrite it.

Now you cracked to full version. :)

Step 7 :-

Open Proxifier and go to

options>proxy settings>add> ip & port 8080

Protocol - HTTPS

Username and Password-Blank

Then click Ok.

Step 8 :-

Again go to Options>Name Resolutions..

Unchecked choose the mode automatically

and check Remotely

then click OK.

Now you are done.

Connect to the internet thru PC suite and run proxifier.

Now first open Opera as it is the better browser that opens wap and web and set it to connect directly to the Internet(e.g don't use proxy settings as by default your browser is set to connect directly)

Now close your browser and open again and now connect to the Internet using pc suite

And immediately after connecting open the browser and open fast site (e.g just type something in google search bar and hit enter)

All this time keep an eye on the minimised proxifier...If you see opera application connecting through it then it is working...Now wait a bit...If you see incoming data(e.g blue color in is for outgoing) THEN BINGO!!!!

If after a whole no incoming data is coming then just exit proxifier...disconnect and close the browser and repeat the process.

Note:Don't just disconnect the connection and connect again without exiting proxifier OR your browser ..OR don't keep your browser open and restart proxifier
As proxifier OR Say browser recognises each other only if proxifier opened first

As proxifier uses a fake IP each time it restarted.So it is essential to restart proxifier to restart connection!!!

Also you can chat with your messenger without any confrigiration just like a broadbrand.

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Rahul Gupta said...

The proxifier trick has been closed Airtel but i have a hack to fix it.................

I have also hack to fix 2MB limit download on NOP.............

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